The Abundance Game

I created the 29-day emotional wellness course, The Abundance Game, so that everyone who wanted the benefits of abundance coaching could have access to this positive change in their lives. I was struck by how effective the combination of cognitive behaviour therapy principles and intuitive healing was, specifically using the framework of emotional and mental wellness through abundance paradigms.

I invite you to embrace tremendous positive change in your life with The Abundance Game, a free bestseller on Amazon in the Happiness and Personal Transformation categories. This course was published under the pen name Aurora Dragon, and is available in ebook and audiobook format.

Abundance Coaching

Life Coaching

I’m a life coach specializing in emotional wellness through abundance healing. I blend cognitive behaviour therapy principles and intuitive healing skills which I discovered during my own healing journey, and use this to help people to lead more fulfilled, joyful lives. I achieve this by using the abundance paradigm to heal people’s relationships with themselves, situations, and people.

Whether people are looking for positive change in their career, family relationships, love life, financial situation, or they simply want to lead more joyful, fulfilled lives, abundance coaching is a powerful, deeply effective way for people to create permanent, positive change in all aspects of their lives. 

Contact me if you'd like to experience what life coaching with the abundance paradigm can do for you.

The Daywalker Chronicles

I’ve written two books in the urban fantasy series, The Daywalker Chronicles : Blood On The Moon and Hunter's Moon. The second book in the series, Hunter’s Moon, was launched at the 2018 All In! Young Writer’s Festival in Singapore.

I’m currently working on the third book in the series, Dark Moon Rising, which will be available in 2020. The series was originally planned for an adult audience, but the central theme of identity resonated with a mature YA audience.

Mythological creatures are featured in the series, and I’ve also strived to utilise and tweak Gothic literature conventions and devices for a contemporary audience.


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I am a lightworker, coach, and writer who has been an educator for over a decade, conducting workshops and personal coaching for writers since 2008. I am also a sexual assault survivor who has also struggled with severe depression, eating disorders, and anxiety for a large part of my adult life.

Thanks to abundance-based wellness, I am now living an exceptionally abundant life, with abundance flowing freely and generously through all areas of my life, from meaningful occupation to self-expression, health, and more. I’m committed to bringing the joy of an abundant life to journeymakers everywhere.

I have over 10 years of experience in designing and facilitating courses, workshops, and coaching for adult learners from a wide variety of industries. My portfolio includes financial institutions, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, academics, and other professional coaches and creatives. I have also done communication consulting work for politicians in Singapore from 2011 onwards.