iPhone 5 rumours

It’s a jellyfish-Transformer hybrid. You can also marry it.



When the iPhone 5 Rumours hashtag provides more entertainment than a live Apple event, you know something is wrong. Well, at least the tweets were entertaining…


@integratedmalay: the new iPhone will have an in-built dslr camera

@integratedmalay: the iPhone 5 is made of adamantium and is practically indestructible

@perpendi: the new iPhone will let you smell and taste the person on the line

@farydfethrr: The iPhone 5 can turn into a rice cooker as well as a toaster.

@slurp23: the new iphone5 transforms into laserbeak and is actually an assassin

@estaang: The new iPhone 5 will give me superpowers! Without the weird underwear look.

@dAnnySeow: the new iphone5 can help you find your destined soulmate… automatically.

@goodboy90:  iphone 5 will provide the means to interstellar travel

@nabbycat: The new iPhone will let you know the state of pantslessness of the person on the other line

@hahahalif: Can run iOS, Android and Windows Mobile simultaneously!

@joefromspace: The new iPhone can roundhouse kick Chuck Norris.

@mysterybunny: The new iPhone is also a lightsaber.

@mysterybunny: The iPhone5 is a Transformer.