Just when you thought the SDP was done with harebrained ideas (for now) … the MOE has rejected the Singapore Democratic Party’s application to hold sociopolitical talks in schools. Even more shocking news: the name of this ill-fated initiative from the SDP was “Foster, Forge, Future: Conversations With Our Youth”.


Singaporean Students on Rejected SDP School Talks




Students were bereft to discover that this unique learning opportunity was cruelly snatched from them by the all-seeing eye of MOE.

Jonas Lai, 13, of Lepak Secondary School, was one of many disappointed teens. “Aiyah, they not coming ah? I thought they would show us how to wash clothes properly, like the video they made last GE.”



Lai has been in trouble with his mother repeatedly due to his substandard laundry skills, according to household sources who are purportedly better at laundry-related tasks.

10-year-old Cherry Tan, from Sibei Steady Primary School, was also upset at the rejected application:

“Eh, liddat how? I wanted Danny the Democracy Bear to be at my birthday party during recess. Now I must ownself rent a bear costume and pay my slacker cousin to wear it. Money come from where?”


SDP: SImisai Also School Talks

Photo accidentally borrowed from Yahoo News


A 14-year-old student from Boh Chup Secondary, who declined to be named, was surprised to learn that the proposed initiative was not a sex education programme: “Har? Then how come they call it the FFF talk? You mean SDP is not the Singapore Dating Party ah? Walau eh, I donated 50 cents to them last year. Can get refund or not?”

Danny the Democracy Bear declined to comment on the content of the SDP’s proposed school talks. Danny was also tight-lipped about his rates for birthday party appearances at school canteens.

Several students seemed confused about the purpose of the SDP’s proposed sociopolitical talks. Anyhowly News polled students across Singapore to find out what they think the proposed SDP school talks are about.


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