MP David Ong Resigns: By-Election Battle Lai Liao

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MP David Ong’s Resignation: By-election Lai Liao

MP David Ong’s resignation has got everyone excited. Scandal! Drama! By-election in Bukit Batok SMC! One seat up for grabs in Parliament! Mysterious mango theories! Election fever, without having to deal with Gilbert Goh’s rants! (We can only hope.)


Earlier this afternoon, PM Lee shared the news of MP David Ong’s resignation on his Facebook page, in addition to the press release on the PMO’s website, stating “personal reasons” as David Ong’s motivation for his resignation. Speculation about these personal reasons were discussed avidly in the hour or so since PM Lee’s post, until the news broke about exactly why David Ong was stepping down: “personal indiscretion.”


While people are busy coming up with theories about the details of this “personal indiscretion,” I’m a little more interested in who is going to run for that vacant seat when the PM calls the by-election.


Battleground Bukit Batok SMC: You Want, I Want, We All Want

SDP has been quick to express interest in contesting Bukit Batok SMC, with other opposition parties giving more vague statements about their intent to run, except the Worker’s Party, whose legendary tight-lipped policy on media statements is a good idea for once. Various opposition parties have responded here, but I’ve paraphrased it in Singlish to cut through all that PR-speak.

SDP’s statement:

“… the SDP looks forward to contesting the by-election that will be called in the constituency,” said SDP Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan in a statement. “We will continue to push for the alternative policies that we advocated during the last GE and we look forward to be the people’s voice in Parliament,” he added.”


Steady lah, we sure contest! Our policies very swee, and we are very fewlings for the people. We sure make a lot of noise in Parliament one.


PPP’s statement:

“We respect SDP’s decision first before we make any decision,” said Mr Goh, noting that Bukit Batok is next to Chua Chu Kang GRC, which PPP contested in 2015.


We are how nice, we see if SDP contest first then we say. But just in case got 3-corner fight hor, we got contest the next door GRC before. Say first already, ah.


SDA’s statement:

Desmond Lim said the party has “no comment” as to whether it will contest.

“As it is stated as personal reasons, we have no access to the real reasons, thus have no comment whether SDA will contest or not,” said Mr Lim. “We need to call for a CEC meeting to discuss among the members before we are able to make an announcement.”


Dunno leh. Eh, y’all think magic ah, I no need to ask my CEC first? We dunno what the real reasons are also, then ask us to comment for what?

(His reason for not commenting made no sense to me either. Say it in a video, Desmond!)


NSP’s statement:

National Solidarity Party said that they are “considering the issue.” National Solidarity Party Secretary-General Lim Tean that the Party was “studying the situation carefully and will make an announcement in due course as to whether we will be contesting the by-election.”


Wait ah, we check whether got stock first or not. Eh, our candidates all go where ah?


RP’s statement:

Reform Party’s Kenneth Jeyaretnam said that the Party’s Central Executive Committee will meet and decide “in due course.”


Er, dunno leh. Eh, our CEC go where ah?
Update (7.20 pm, 12 March 2016) : The DPP’s Benjamin Pwee has confirmed that he will be contesting in the by-election. 


At the time of writing, the following parties have not released statements on their intent to contest the Bukit Batok SMC seat: the Worker’s Party, Singapore People’s Party, and That Ice Cream Party – oops, I mean Singaporeans First.


Quotes are from Today Online and paraphrasing is for entertainment. Don’t say I anyhow indiscretion, hor.