London Weight Management, which came under heavy fire from irate members of the public recently for this video, has responded to Yahoo!’s queries via email.

I’m not sure how their response is supposed to help them:

The slimming company that stirred public debate with its controversial weight-loss commercial said on Wednesday that their advertisement was not discriminatory and did not “breach any law”.


Wait, it gets better:

“We wish to remind you that we are neither discriminating nor nauseating the obese women in this territory,” said Tang.


Wow. Just… wow. You guys are going to go with the head-in-the-sand strategy, huh. After pissing off not just women, but men as well (apparently, they feel unfairly stereotyped as shallow tools in the ad). Actually, if I were a dude, I would be offended by the ad too. Even the mug of tea on my desk looks offended. That’s how offensive the ad was.


Hey, London Weight Management? The amount of self-pwnage done to your brand by this dumbass statement is mind-blowing. In a bad, bad way. You do know that, right?


Is it possible that the folks at London Weight Management are so thick that they actually do not realize how offensive the video was? I mean, they did approve it in the first place, and that decision was either a very brave one or a very stupid one. Judge for yourself.


Assuming that London Weight Management genuinely does not understand why the video was offensive (can you guys read or not? The open letter from Anita Kapoor was succinctly worded), they still had a chance to save themselves in their response to the public.


And just like last week’s PR Sotong #1, Isabella Loh, they blew it. Spectacularly.


Spectacularly dumbass move #1: Instead of apologizing, they insisted that they were right, and public opinion was wrong. Head-in-the-sand reaction; if we keep insisting that we’re right, people will shut up and it will blow over.


Spectacularly dumbass move #2: Removing the video. If there’s nothing wrong with it – as you claim – then why remove it? Hmnnn?


That’s not really how it works, LWM.


You guys will be remembered as a company that screwed up and insulted women (and men) in one fell swoop, and refused to apologize, despite it being crystal clear that the ad is, in fact, offensive to men and women alike.


If your PR team/ advisors/ typewriter monkeys had an ounce of sense, you would have been portrayed as a company gracious enough to take accountability and apologize for an offensive video – making a clear statement that LWM values the opinion of their customers.  Sotongs.