GE 2011 "Not Really" An Internet Election, Says IPS Study

Srsly, guys. This is just embarrassing.


GE 2011: Not An Internet Election. We Think. Wait – Is 30% A Lot Of People?


This article from Today Online about GE 2011 says that according to research by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), “only 30% of respondents got their information fix from Facebook and blogs.”


Wha… “only” 30%? Hey, IPS. That is a truckload of voters. That’s a third of the population. In our first-past-the-post system, having 30% of a constituency’s voters behind you can mean the difference between a narrow defeat and a landslide victory. It’s 30%, not 3%.


What does it say about the credibility of mainstream media when a third of the population prefer to get their information from new media? Hmnn?


The real newsworthiness of that article lies in this paragraph:

This 30 per cent of Singaporeans is also less likely to think that new media is fair in reporting elections – although to a smaller extent than how unfair they thought the elections coverage of the mainstream media was.


Let me break that down for you. A third of the population found mainstream media coverage of GE 2011 more biased than new media. They did a clumsy job of trying to mask that simple truth with clunky sentence structure, but there it is.


If our mainstream media were in the business of truth, the headline would have been something like this:

“1 in 3 Singaporeans Finds Mainstream Media’s GE 2011  Coverage More Biased Than New Media”


Hilariously, the IPS then waffles about whether it was an “internet election” or not:

Based on the results, IPS concluded that the Internet did not play such a decisive role as to warrant the term “an Internet election”, although it conceded that some would argue that as long as it plays a significant role, this term is warranted.




Uh, we think it was not an “internet election”. Because our research also operates on first-past-the-post system – must be 50.000001% and above to be considered an “internet election.” But we dunno leh. If got a lot of people talking about it, then maybe it is actually an “internet election.” Uh, 30% is not a lot, right? It’s not.. significant, right?


Dear IPS, when you guys decide that you know what the hell you’re talking about, wake me up.