Author: Samantha De Silva

MP David Ong Resigns: By-Election Battle Lai Liao

MP David Ong’s Resignation: By-election Lai Liao MP David Ong’s resignation has got everyone excited. Scandal! Drama! By-election in Bukit Batok SMC! One seat up for grabs in Parliament! Mysterious mango theories! Election fever, without having to deal with Gilbert Goh’s rants! (We can only hope.)   Earlier this afternoon, PM Lee shared the news of MP David Ong’s resignation on his Facebook page, in addition to the press release on the PMO’s website, stating “personal reasons” as David Ong’s motivation for his resignation. Speculation about these personal reasons were discussed avidly in the hour or so since PM Lee’s...

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Why Can’t Idiots Stop Dating Altogether?

I stumbled across this in my newsfeed recently: an article stating that Christians shouldn’t be dating non-Christians. Of course, I should know by now that I cannot expect logic or … sanity from anything related to Focus on the Family, whether it’s the Singapore chapter with their creepy sex ed syllabus, or the batshit crazy behemoth in the  United States.   I’m not surprised at these extreme viewpoints, but I am tired of the religious right badgering people whose views differ from theirs, spewing what amounts to hate speech while claiming they are carrying out their God’s will/ pro-life/ pro-family/ whatever label helps...

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Gennelmen, Don’t Anyhowly Romance: FB Edition

There’s Anyhowly Romance … And There’s This Guy   There are times when you simply can’t believe your eyes when you read something like this. Surely, no one could be this clueless and creepy all at the same time, right? I mean, we’ve all seen truly terrible examples of anyhowly romance, from creepy Tinder messages to profile pictures of stallions and lightning (ew).     Full message text: Hola Senorita. You may address me as Sir, though most of my friends call me Abraham. I’d like to believe I’m one of those jack of all trades who picks things...

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