Author: Samantha De Silva

Budget 2016 Reaction: 99 Problems, And A Solution Ain’t One of Them

I stumbled upon this Budget 2016 reaction in a radio interview recently, and I couldn’t resist paraphrasing it in Singlish. Firstly, because I miss paraphrasing GE 2015 rally hijinks in Singlish and the accompanying lolz. Secondly, because this is the most lor sor example I have seen of a complain king who lacks any real solutions apart from “Er, wait till we get to DEFCON 5, lor.” I understand that the interview was a Budget 2016 reaction and not a policy paper, but “wait until shit gets real” is not a solution, you know? Note to kukubirds who like...

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Explorer Joe Exotic Meats: Bad Taste or Brilliant?

Explorer Joe Exotic Meats: Bad Taste?   Like many others, I was horrified when I saw this screenshot of Honestbee’s making the rounds on Facebook — with the timing seeming to indicate that it was an April Fools’ PR stunt gone terribly wrong. DEFCON 5 wrong. I was also surprised, because I thought the folks at Honestbee were a lot smarter than this. As it turned out, there’s more to the story — and it’s not what you’d expect. It’s also made me a customer for life.   Explorer Joe’s … Wildlife Conservation?   The plot thickens! I received this email from Honestbee this...

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Yew Don’t Anyhow LKY

MCCY: Yew Don’t Anyhow LKY, Hor The MCCY released guidelines on using LKY’s name, image or likeness a few days ago. That’s right. The LKY Brand Guide is an actual thing now: Following a review looking at ways to encourage the “appropriate use” of the name and image of Mr Lee, MCCY laid out the following broad guidelines: The name or image or likeness of Mr Lee Kuan Yew may be used for purposes of identifying with the nation, including on works of art or publications or items for charitable purposes, in accordance with law. The name or image or likeness of...

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