Author: Samantha De Silva

Date Someone Who Doesn’t Fuck Around About How They Feel (About Meat)

I found a terrifying article floating around my newsfeed recently, like …  other things that float unpleasantly. I found the entire article very silly, to put it mildly. So I thought I’d share my take on what makes a girl’s love life joyful: meat. (Original article text quoted) I don’t want someone who vaguely asks me to hang out without defining what the hell that means. I don’t want someone who vaguely asks me to hang out without defining how many kilograms of meat we’re going to consume. What kind of wanton hussy do you think I am? Apart from the...

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Budget 2016 Reaction: 99 Problems, And A Solution Ain’t One of Them

I stumbled upon this Budget 2016 reaction in a radio interview recently, and I couldn’t resist paraphrasing it in Singlish. Firstly, because I miss paraphrasing GE 2015 rally hijinks in Singlish and the accompanying lolz. Secondly, because this is the most lor sor example I have seen of a complain king who lacks any real solutions apart from “Er, wait till we get to DEFCON 5, lor.” I understand that the interview was a Budget 2016 reaction and not a policy paper, but “wait until shit gets real” is not a solution, you know? Note to kukubirds who like...

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Explorer Joe Exotic Meats: Bad Taste or Brilliant?

Explorer Joe Exotic Meats: Bad Taste?   Like many others, I was horrified when I saw this screenshot of Honestbee’s making the rounds on Facebook — with the timing seeming to indicate that it was an April Fools’ PR stunt gone terribly wrong. DEFCON 5 wrong. I was also surprised, because I thought the folks at Honestbee were a lot smarter than this. As it turned out, there’s more to the story — and it’s not what you’d expect. It’s also made me a customer for life.   Explorer Joe’s … Wildlife Conservation?   The plot thickens! I received this email from Honestbee this...

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