Author: Samantha De Silva

Review of Chai – Travel Poems by Marc Daniel Nair

First things first: if you are the sort of person who prefers package tours of the Chan Brothers variety, you are probably not going to enjoy Chai. If you do not fall into the package-tour category, and you genuinely enjoy travel (not be confused with tours), then you are probably going to fall quite helplessly in love with this impressive degustation of Marc Daniel Nair’s travel poetry (as I did).   Under Marc’s deft touch, a vivid tapestry of the best and worst of Bali, Vietnam, North Luzon, and India comes to life in the reader’s mind. When reading Chai, I was reminded...

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Spermatozoans: The True Patriots

A cheerful pink monstrosity squats unapologetically in the center of a sterile bus interchange. Tentacles of garish plastic trinkets of no real use recline languorously on violently pink shelves. They are symptoms of a society with too much spending power and meager sensibility.   A thousand heartbeats mingle and fade in the oblivious afternoon light. Nothing is private in this crowd; their faces, their sweat, their fears and dreams intermingle with yours to create a cacophony of the senses that is terrible and beautiful.   A young man shuffles past, dragging his feet quickly, as if he is hesitant...

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