Author: Samantha De Silva

Hey [Insert Minority], Can’t You Take A Joke?

What happened to Shrey Bhargava — and more importantly, the responses to it — is a huge red flag that Singaporeans should be paying attention to, if they care about this country at all. And the ugliness that lurks beneath the surface. Who am I kidding? The ugliness of racism isn’t beneath the surface: it’s in your face, every day. If you’re not Chinese, that is. Was Bhargava being somewhat unrealistic in terms of his expectations about how that audition would go? Perhaps, because Jack Neo’s movies are generally garbage stuffed to the gills with blatantly racist stereotypes. This is lowest common...

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HAR?talk Interview with PM Lee (in Singlish)

HAR?Talk: BBC Interview With PM Lee (in Singlish)   PM Lee was recently interviewed by the BBC’s Stephen Sackur for HARDtalk, speaking about international trade, geopolitical bromance, Trump, 377a, press freedom, as well as the impact of race and religion on voter decisions. About halfway through the interview, I found myself thinking: Hey, you know what would be awesome? Translating the entire thing to Singlish, like I did with the rallies in GE2015. And so I did it. The original interview transcript can be found at the PMO website here. For the simisai also complain kings and queens reading...

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33 | Why We Need More Stories

As I write this, I’ve clocked 33 years on this earth. This number also happens to be the title of the pilot episode of Battlestar Galactica. Remember that episode? Every 33 minutes, on the dot, a wave of Cylons appears, ostensibly to wipe out the human survivors. There is no sleep. There is no respite. There is only adrenaline, and a tiny sliver of hope that the next 33 minutes will not bring blood and death screaming through the coldness of space on the metal wings of Cylon Raiders. Somewhat disturbingly, this has been an apt analogy for my...

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